Bombastic RAGE 2 Trailer Reveals May 2019 Release Date


During last night’s Game Awards countless trailers were dropped for many of the most exciting upcoming games.

This includes Bethesda and Avalanche Studios’ RAGE 2, the follow up to 2010’s experimental but mostly lukewarm RAGE.

RAGE 2 appears to have thrown logic out of the window, leaning into the chaos that made the combat so fun in the first game. This is made especially clear in last night’s trailer, where viscera and wingsticks ruled the day. We also got to see some more of the vehicle combat, which is being worked on by Avalanche Studios, responsible for the haptic cult hit Mad Max.

The scattershot trailer showed vignettes of mayhem as the player travelled across the wide-open world blowing up everything in their way. It was great to see some of the as-of-yet unseen story elements too, which looks to involve some egotistical characters and crazy capers.

Soundtracked by Danny Brown’s “Ain’t it Funny,” this electric trailer is sure to get the blood pumping ahead of the game’s release date, which was revealed at the end of the video. RAGE 2 will be dropping on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 14th 2019. Get ready to rumble!