Belarus national airline unveils World of Tanks-branded plane


The Belarusian national airline, Belavia, has added a World of Tanks-branded plane to its fleet.

It complements an existing World of Tanks-branded Belavia plane which came into service in 2016, and doesn’t just involve a fancy paint-job: the interior is also World of Tanks-themed. World of Tanks developer/publisher Wargaming said: “Its fuselage sports the powerful Belarusian symbol and the national animal, the bison, while the cabin provides full immersion into the iconic online game that hails from Belarus.”

World of Tanks enthusiasts might well want to take a trip on the plane: Wargaming describes just how World of Tanks-centric its interior is: “The one-of-a-kind cabin recreates the atmosphere of World of Tanks: the in-flight messages on behalf of the crew and flight attendants refer to in-game terms, while the interior echoes the World of Tanks style. Every seat is fitted with a specific historical spotlight about a tank or SPG. Experienced players will feel at ease in the setting of one of their favourite games. Those who are not yet familiar with World of Tanks will learn more about the history of tank building and the biggest video game made in the CIS.”

Maxim Chuvalov, World of Tanks’ Publishing Director, said: “World of Tanks is the world’s largest online tank museum. We wanted to share this part of history, which we are all passionate about. “The cabin offers 107 seats, which means 107 different models will be available to read up on.”

Belavia’s General Director, Anatoliy Gusarov, added: “When we unveiled the first plane draped in the World of Tanks colours, it became one of the unofficial symbols of Belarus. As we received a lot of positive feedback from passengers, this inspired us to continue. We have tried to make the second plane even better, more interesting and unusual. Our main aim was to show the world that this famous game was born in Belarus.”

For more information about the hugely popular tank-combat game, head to its website