Riot COO Suspended Following Misconduct Investigation


The current COO of Riot Games Scott Gelb has been suspended for two months without pay as part of the allegations of misconduct and subsequent investigation at the company.

This information arrives as part of an in-depth report from Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio, who earlier in the year delivered an investigative piece on the “culture of sexism” at Riot.

Later in November, the company was slapped with a class-action lawsuit from current and former employees over alleged sexist behaviour.

An email from Riot’s CEO Nicolo Laurent informed employees at the company that Gelb was investigated following the allegations and that the claims about his behaviour were “substantiated” by the investigation.

In Kotaku’s initial reporting, employee testimonies alleged Gelb was “farting on employees or humping them for comedic effect,” as well as “ball-tapping” his colleagues.

The circulated email also made note that Riot policy is such that they won’t usually discuss individual cases to protect “Rioters’ privacy and the integrity of the investigation process” but that they are making an exception in the case of Gelb, as he “is held to a higher level of accountability,” due to his senior position.

CEO Laurent details that instead of leaving the company after the allegations, Gelb has “chose ownership and redemption” and that he is personally backing his COO to return a changed man after his leave. Gelb is also set to receive training surrounding the alleged incidents as part of his punishment.

Speaking to Kotaku, a number of anonymous Riot employees are not happy with the scale of the punishment, with one deeming the punishment “a tiny slap on the wrist” and disrespectful “towards people that were hurt or offended by his behaviour.”