Operation Permafrost event comes to Eve Online


A major injection of new content has arrived in Eve Online, in the form of an event entitled Operation Permafrost.

Developer CCP describes Operation Permafrost, which lasts until January 2, 2019 and is available for free, thus: “In Operation Permafrost, players answer the call of a mysterious and unknown third party, travelling to the northern polar region of a mysterious ice dwarf to disrupt ORE Frostline’s operations and take on Mordu’s Legion. Participating in the event allows players to obtain exclusive Permafrost SKINS, brand new blueprints for Mordu’s Legion and Frostline modules, as well as limited-time Boosters and Cerebral Accelerators. With all-new visuals, this event will allow players to fly closer to the surface of a planet than ever before, opening up new gameplay and pilot experiences amongst icy asteroids and nebula.”

Paul Elsy, Eve Online’s Senior Community Manager, said: “We invite all Eve Online players to join the festivities and bag some limited-time loot while flying closer than ever before to a planet’s orbit. Alongside our 13 Days of Eve gifting event, it’s really worth joining the fun during this holiday season.”

CCP was also keen to point out improvements to Eve Online made by recent updates: “Players now also have the opportunity to fly two brand new Triglavian logistics cruisers – the Rodiva class tech I cruiser and its tech II counterpart, the Zarmazd class logistics cruiser. Both new ships benefit from an all new Triglavian-themed remote repair module, designed around the same weapons characteristics as the Triglavian Entropic Disintegrator. The same update brought new stunning visual improvements to planets in the form of auroras. These are rare sights, but can be found all across the cluster.”

For more information about Operation Permafrost, head to this page on the Eve Online website