PUBG Snow Map Vikendi Goes Live On Public Servers


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new environment in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and finally, after a short testing period, Vikendi is here!

Vikendi is a snow map at an intermediate size. It’s 6 x 6km, making it just a bit bigger than tropical map Sanhok, but still quite a bit smaller than Erangel or Miramar.

More importantly though, is that it has far more interesting locations to explore. Drop into Vikendi and you’ll find various interesting sites. The Tundra offers up locations like a Dinosaur-themed amusement park (yes, really), a Cosmodrome complete with a hulking rocket and a fully formed medieval castle. The team over at PUBG Corp have really pushed the boat out here. There’s even a winery for when you’ve finished exploring and want a rest stop.

It’s certainly a welcome change from the other three maps which mostly constitute of barren landscapes and decrepit buildings. I imagine this is also a response to Fortnite’s more overzealous cartoon style, which has more inspired locations and catchy titles that are widely discussed in the community. ‘Tilted Towers’ springs to mind.

As well as more interesting environments, Vikendi also offers some technical changes. Now other players can see your footsteps in the snow, and vehicles will perform differently due to the environment. Speaking of vehicles, a snowmobile is now in the game for those reckless chicken hunters who don’t care for wheels.

A new weapon in the G36C has also been brought to the game and will replace the SCAR-L on Vikendi. All in all, the map feels very tactical and a nice middle ground between the chaos of Sanhok and the slow burn of Miramar. The update also adds a Survivor Pass akin to Fortnite’s Battlepass, which you can rank up to unlock festive outfits and skins.

Whether you’ve been testing it for a couple weeks or not, grab some mates and get dashing through the snow, as Vikendi is live now just in time for Christmas. I wish you the best of luck in securing that elusive winner winner… turkey dinner?