Pirate MMO Atlas Launches In Early Access Following Numerous Delays


At The Game Awards, the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved revealed their next game, a piracy-based MMO titled Atlas. The trailer ended with the announcement that the game was coming to Steam Early Access on December 13.

This… didn’t go as planned. Atlas was initially delayed to December 19th and then another unfortunate two days to the 21st. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the servers were absolutely overloaded when the game did finally launch, with players being spawned in random locations, and the teased 40,000 player servers appearing to be something of a pipe dream.

The promise of a pirate game that delivers a true, expansive open-world experience is something that gamers who were previously scorned by the promise of Sea of Thieves. However, it doesn’t look like Atlas in its current state is meeting expectations.

With over 8,500 reviews on steam, it’s currently sat at ‘Mostly Negative’, with many players frustrated at a lack of communication and the set of delays excited fans were saddled with as release day approached.

Worse than that, it appears that early players have found a menu ripped straight from its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved in Atlas.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem, but the ‘Ark Menu’ lists previous DLC before an option titled ‘Ocean’ that boots into a single-player Atlas game, which has lead players to the conclusion that this was an ARK DLC flipped into a separate release, something that wouldn’t be a problem if it was… you know, a functional and satisfying release.

It’s a shame, but hopefully the team can remedy the problems raised and Atlas can be explored properly. Perhaps then, much like pirate treasure, we’ll know if it’s worth its ‘Wait’ in gold.