Lemmings returns on Android and iOS


The classic 1990s puzzle game Lemmings has been resurrected for mobile phones.

Developed by Sad Puppy and published by Sony (which acquired Lemmings now-defunct original publisher, Psygnosis, in 1993), the rebooted mobile version of Dave Jones’s classic puzzler is free to play, and available on both Android and iOS.

Lemmings has been adapted by Sad Puppy for mobile phones, with vertical levels plus modern features like Lemming tribes and online competitive multiplayer. But there is a catch: although free-to-play, it is supported by both in-game ads and in-app purchases. It only gives you a certain amount of “energy” to use, and the quickest way to top that up is to spend cash. Although an outlay of $7 does at least bring unlimited energy.

The new version of Lemmings even uses procedural generation to create an ever-expanding roster of levels. For more information, check this article developer Sad Puppy wrote about the game on the PlayStation Blog.