‘Mario Time’ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Event Adds New Spirits To The Game


Not dissimilar to Splatoon 2’s ‘Splatfest’ events, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has started receiving spirit events that offer limited time collectibles and new challenges.

Last week was all about spectacles, but for the holiday period players will be treated to the “Oh Yeah! Mario Time!” event that yes, you guessed it, involves everybody’s favourite plumber.

Various characters missing from the roster like Toad, Pauline and Chain Chomp have arrived to cause you distress with item and environment modifiers making for difficult battles that should test the mettle of most seasoned Smash fans.

Outside of the influx of Mario characters, there are three spirits dropping in the game that are only available during this short time period. These include the Golden Dash Mushroom, River Survival and Dice Block, all epithets of this years ‘Super Mario Party.’

Don’t get it twisted, these limited-time foes are difficult, but once you’ve caught them they can be used to bolster your characters and spirits in World Of Light. You can even use them against unsuspecting opponent online.

The event runs from the 28th of December until January 1st, so act fast if you want to nab the exclusive spirits. Just put your best foot forward and choose your main and you should be golden.