Slightly Mad Studios reveals Mad Box concept pics


Slightly Mad Studios has released four concept pictures showing what its Mad Box console might look like.

The London-based racing game developer which, as we revealed, has announced that it is working on a console which will take on the next-generation offerings from Sony and Microsoft, showed mock-ups of four vastly different concept designs, which can be seen on Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell’s Twitter feed.

The first looks rather PC-like and incorporates a carrying handle. The second is a tiny grey and black cube. The third is a rather nondescript grey effort resembling a set-top box. And the fourth has a touch of Tron to it, thanks to blue neon strips and an angular design that wouldn’t be out of place on a high-end gaming router.

For those wishing to find out more about Slightly Mad Studios’ vaultingly ambitious project, Ian Bell’s Twitter feed is definitely worth watching. On it, he recently revealed that Slightly Mad Studios is “Still in discussions” regarding the Mad Box’s internals, and he added that: “All independent developers on Earth will be handed a cross-platform, ‘almost one click export’ engine to allow them to deploy their games on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mad Box. Porting time will be minimal for those that have their own engine. The engine will be totally free.”

The other notable source of Mad Box news is Slightly Mad Studios’ website.