PUBG Vikendi map lands on consoles


PUBG’s latest map, Vikendi, has finally made it to the console versions of the popular battle royale game.

Developer/publisher PUBG Corp announced: “Today, PUBG Corporation has launched the new 6×6 Vikendi map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside Survivor Pass: Vikendi, which rewards players for completing diverse missions. Both the map and the Survivor Pass will be available for all PUBG players as a free downloadable update to the title. For exclusive missions, faster leveling, and additional rewards, players can purchase the Premium Survivor Pass (£7.49).”

The snow-themed map – the fourth one created for PUBG – went live on the PC version of the game in December 2018. PUBG Corporation describes it thus: “The most technically advanced map in PUBG, Vikendi offers players a diversity of gameplay opportunities, requiring a quicker pace than Erangel and Miramar, but a more tactical approach than Sanhok. The map will introduce players to two exclusive items, the G36C Assault Rifle (which replaces the SCAR-L on Vikendi) and the Snowmobile to navigate its icy terrain.”

For everything you could ever wish to know about Vikendi, head to the map’s very own webpage.