Riot Games announces UK League of Legends championship


Riot Games, in partnership with LVP (the League of Videogames Professionals) has unveiled a new UK League of Legends competition entitled the UK League Championship (UKLC).

The UKLC will be the first regional League of Legends championship in Europe. It will kick off on February 13 and last for seven weeks. At the end of the season, the top four teams from the UKLC will move into the play-offs, leading up to a Grand Final on March 31.

Nine teams have been chosen to compete in the first UKLC season: Diabolus, Barrage, Enclave, Darkspawn, Phelan, Bulldog and MnM Gaming, along with Fnatic and Excel, which already compete in the European Championship (LEC). Speaking to, Riot Games’ head of UK esports Mo Fadl said: “The UK League Championship is one of a group of regional leagues spinning up around Europe that we hope will help firmly establish the route from amateur to pro play in League of Legends. We think structure and consistency are two of the most-needed things in the UK esports scene so we’re starting there. But long-term we hope UK esports can get to a similar point to other big European esports countries, where cities actually compete with one another to host tournaments.”

The UKLC will be broadcast on Twitch once it gets under way on February 13. For more information, head to its official website.