EA Halts Purchase Of FIFA Points In Belgium


FIFA publisher EA has been in hot water with the Belgian authorities for quite some time now, stemming from their approach to microtransactions, especially in the Ultimate Team aspect of its yearly FIFA games.

Last May, the Belgian Gaming Commission ruled that loot boxes are seen as gambling, and suggested prosecution was the answer for publishers who utilise certain microtransaction practices.

It seems that the situation has escalated, as EA issued a statement today declaring that they have halted the sale of FIFA Points in Belgium.

EA plan for the changes to come into effect by the end of the week, January 31st on all platforms.

Those who have bought FIFA Points and have a balance remaining will still be able to pick up packs with them, but players will not be able to buy any more.

EA says that this change “is not material to our performance” in regards to Ultimate Team but that they will “continue to seek more clarity on the matter as we go forward,” making it clear that they do not agree with the Belgian authorities stance on this issue.