Machinima Formally Shuts Down, Cutting 81 Staff Jobs


The deeply influential YouTube network Machinima has shuttered, with 81 staff members losing their jobs.

The news arrives via a statement from the company to Variety, which notes that “A select number of Machinima employees remain with the company” but that it “has ceased its remaining operations, which includes layoffs.”

You may not know that Machinima had been operating for nearly 20 years before its closure, starting with games like Quake III and championing the use of games as animation, a medium that has delighted countless gamers worldwide ever since.

The company is set to merge with Warner’s Otter Media, a venture owned by mobile network AT&T. Subsidiaries of Otter include Crunchyroll, VRV and Rooster Teeth.

Speaking to Variety, Otter Media made a point that the company is not fully gone for good. “Otter has brought over valuable parts of the Machinima business that we believe amplify our focus on the gaming and anime community.”

This decision follows the strange turn of events of this January when the main 12 million subscribers strong Machinima channel changed the visibility of all of its videos to private, a jarring move that wiped a lot of brilliant content from YouTube.

In any event, this is a sad day for any Machinima fan, whether you enjoyed one video or many. Hopefully, the many creators under its network umbrella can shine on regardless.