Tetris 99 Brings Battle Royale To The Iconic Puzzler


Last nights Nintendo Direct was full of surprises. From a Link’s Awakening remaster to a new Platinum game where your buddy cop is your weapon, there was a lot to behold.

Don’t worry though, there was also time to dwell on the future of Tetris, which appears to be a foray into… Battle Royale?

Yes, you heard me right. Tetris 99 is the inevitable evolution of the block puzzler that pits you and 98 other combatants in a chasm arena, hurling blocks at one another and clearing lines to destroy their chances of a victory royale.

Hesitation will be your doom as grey blocks chase you into a frenzy of tetromino-twirling, eager to escape the encroaching maw. Of course, all of this is soundtracked by remixes of the original composition, which is sure to cement itself in your head sooner rather than later (if its not already there by now.)

It’s a fascinating concept and something that is sure to please the Tetris veterans who were waiting for their time in the Battle Royale limelight. If that’s you, get out there and capitalise.

The game is free and you can pick it up right now if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Just remember us when you become the next top BR streamer on Twitch, ok?