Sony prepares to end production of PS Vita


Sony is on the point of ending production of the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

Currently, the PS Vita, launched in 2013, is only available in Japan. On Sony’s Japanese website, the two models still on sale – PS Vita Blue and PS Vita Black – both now include the legend: “Shipments are scheduled to end soon,” in their product descriptions.

The imminent end to manufacturing of the struggling handheld comes as little surprise: in an interview with Famitsu in September 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior VP Hiroyuki Oda said: “PlayStation Vita continues production until 2019 in Japan, and shipment will be completed thereafter.” Sony stopped manufacturing physical PS Vita games at the end of 2018.

Sony hasn’t yet provided a firm date on which production of the PlayStation Vita will cease for good, but it is surely imminent. And the company is unlikely to design a successor: Oda said the company had “No plans” to make a new handheld console in his September 2018 Famitsu interview.

And currently, the PS Vita has a new competitor which has managed to bridge the gap between handheld and fixed consoles – always one of the key design concerns behind the PS Vita – much more successfully, in the form of Nintendo’s Switch. For more Sony news, head to the company’s official website.