Apex Legends Adds New Havoc Energy Rifle


Respawn’s surprise smash hit Apex Legends has been snapping at the heels of Epic Games’ Fortnite since its release, like a vicious mechanised piranha.

The tension is rising and sure enough, Respawn are supporting the game as much as possible to ensure it sticks the landing. The second content update beyond the clever Valentine’s Day drop brings the Havoc energy rifle to the game, the first new weapon since players got their mitts on this delightful battle royale twist.

In the punchy reveal video, we get to see the gun in action. It looks like a devastating weapon in the right hands, and can be equipped with a turbocharger attachment to really mince through enemies at pace.

Beyond that, you can switch it out to a semi-automatic firing mode with the Selectfire Receiver, which affords a deadly burst of energy with every trigger pull. Its not your average triple shot rifle as seen in PUBG, no sir.

The charge shot looks bloody dangerous to be honest, and I’m personally worried about how the better shooters are going to turn me over using it. Luckily, I can embark on this endeavour into masochism as soon as possible, as the weapon is now live on all platforms, no matter your console of choice!