The Outer Worlds Release Date Potentially Leaked By SteamDB Listing


Obsidian’s spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas is on the way and we may already know its release date thanks to a SteamDB leak. 

On February 22, an update was pushed to The Outer Worlds’ store page that listed the supported languages for the game, a couple of store tags and a release date… oopsy daisy.

The release date was listed as August 6, 2019. This was quickly swiped away in mere hours, but this is the internet, and mistakes like this one are etched into the annals of history via SteamDB.

GamesRadar initially spotted the release date in the listing, which was previously known to be an undetermined point in 2019. Whilst this doesn’t completely confirm the date the game will drop, it certainly gives us an idea of when Obsidian plan to let the public explore its wacky world.

The Outer Worlds is headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One at launch and will receive a physical release. Here’s hoping it scratches the itch we’ve all had for more old school open world exploration.