Star Wars: Fallen Order To Be Formally Revealed This April


After months of speculation and a deeply underwhelming showing from Respawn during the EA conference at E3 2018, Star Wars fans are understandably champing at the bit to hear more about Star Wars: Fallen Order.

Well, don’t get cocky, kid, but news is on the way! The Apex Legends devs have set a date for when they’re going to pull back the curtain on the game, and its this April 13th. It will be part of Star Wars Celebration, an annual conference where we often see the trailer for the next Star Wars movie. In this case, we’ll also be seeing the next Star Wars game!

This will be part of an open panel with the developers who will be divulging some details on Fallen Order, most likely about its premise and scope, and how the game will function when it lands in late 2019.

The Chicago event description does give us some preliminary information about the game, despite being a bit scant. It’s said that the game will focus on “a Palawan who survived Order 66,” which, for the non-initiated among us, means that it will kick off during the dying moments of the third movie, Revenge of the Sith, when Palpatine attempted to wipe out the Jedi with clone troopers.

It’s a very cool premise, and a tantalising hot spot in the Star Wars lore. Here’s hoping it can have the same amount of impact as Respawn’s current project, Apex Legends, which is smashing records on a weekly basis. Start brandishing those lightsabers, it’s time to restore the Jedi Order!