Microsoft Is Reportedly Gearing Up To Launch A Fully Digital Xbox One


Just when it feels like the current console generation is about to hand over the torch, reports have dropped suggesting that Microsoft will continue further development with a new piece of hardware that may be arriving very soon.

According to WindowsCentral, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will cut the disc drive and offer a storefront-led experience to users who are averse to physical media.

It’s thought that the new console will launch in May with a worldwide release and a low price point. The Xbox One S is already dirt cheap, so cutting even more of its skillet by making it a digital-only console would mean low production costs for Microsoft and better deals for players.

This is especially useful for those of us who subscribe to Xbox Games Pass. If it has a decent amount of storage, you could just load it with your darling back catalogue and you’ve got a reliable, compact means to play a variety of games from both the 360, Xbox One and even the original Xbox era.

The most popular games in recent years have all been free to play, and with the advent of titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite, this would make perfect sense for players on a budget who need something cheap and cheerful.

Naturally, nothing is confirmed just yet, but with multiple sources reporting, it feels like a real possibility, and would make sense given Microsofts service-focused game plan. Personally, this is a move that would make a great console even more accessible, which is a win-win for everyone. Alas, it does warrant another debate over the value of the used games market and DRM. Sure, it’s cheaper, but if your internet is choppy or cuts out, it’s going to be problematic.