Blade Symphony Goes Free To Play, Inexplicably Gets Review Bombed


The Jedi Outcast-inspired slash em up Blade Symphony has gone free to play on Steam, and as a result, has been review bombed into the ‘Mostly Negative’ category.

Whilst the game hasn’t received unanimous praise since its release, it’s still quite a dramatic shift in opinion. Blade Symphony dropped in 2007, and developer PunyHuman made it clear that this decision wasn’t made in the interest of money, but made “so that this game could be more accessible and have a longer life.”

Sounds great right? The developers also patched in a host of new items intended to invigorate the in-game economy too, including some exclusive items for players who purchased the game prior to the free-to-play shift.

All of the above was outlined in a blog post on Blade Symphony’s Steam hub, where the developers laid out the in-depth patch notes and new modes coming to the game.

Players are clearly upset at the lack of rewards available to players who bought the game and have been supporting it since release.

“Add proper single player experience instead of [redacted] on people who purchased your game. Free 2 play because your game is dead? No surprise,” one review reads.

Amidst map renovations and items, the developers have actually brought a lot to this game with the free to play update, and surely, the revival in the player count will only make the game more fun for existing players. If you’re interested, head over to Steam and check it out!