Microsoft Reveals Xbox Live Service For iOS & Android


Tech titan Microsoft has revealed its plans for mobile integration of its Xbox Live service.

It arrives in the form of a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is now available to developers across mobile platforms. This will make it easy for developers of mobile games to integrate Xbox Live services into their games

This means you will most likely see standard Live features like Achievements and Clubs popping up in your favourite mobile titles, depending on which developers adapt to the software.

As for Xbox Live on the Nintendo Switch, it looks like well have to wait for the rumour mill to stop spinning, but if the reports are to be believed to

It’s indicative of a tone change for Microsoft, a growing trend towards service accessibility regardless of platform.

It’s a wonderful thing to see that bats away at Microsoft’s previous archaic exclusivity practices, what with the Xbox One’s pre-owned disc debacle. Things seem to be ramping up, and with Project XCloud right around the corner, Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming should be arriving fairly soon!