Atari preparing upgraded version of Blood


Atari has announced that it will release an “upgraded” version of Blood for the PC.

The new version of the classic 1997 first-person shooter – the first game made by Monolith, originally published by GT Interactive, which also published the likes of Doom and Duke Nukem — is being developed by Nightdive Studios, which is also currently working on the much-anticipated System Shock remake. Atari says the upgraded Blood will feature: “Enhanced compatibility for modern Windows PCs.”

Beyond that, and the release of a number of screenshots, the venerable publisher (which, in its previous incarnation as Infogrames, snapped up GT Interactive in 1999) is remaining tight-lipped about the Blood remake’s details. A demo version of a fan remake of Blood emerged in 2017, but never achieved a full release.

Atari says it will release the upgraded Blood “soon”. As soon as we dig up any more information about it, we’ll let you know. But in the meantime, keep an eye on Atari’s website.