Borderlands 3 Trailer Hides Hidden Codes, Old Characters


The mask of mayhem looms heavy in the sky as new Borderlands announcements are very much on the horizon!

Just yesterday, Gearbox dropped the first official teaser trailer for their next Borderlands project, which we can only assume is Borderlands 3.
The trailer has been stripped of all colour and flashes between characters new and old. Mordecai makes an appearance as does Brick, as well as a whole host of new faces and of course, the series trademark carnage.
Even Rhys from Telltale’s Tales From The Borderlands gets a look in. It looks like a celebration of everything Borderlands, which could point to every character appearing in the sequel or potential remasters on the horizon, perhaps in a new engine?

The crafty beggars even hid a SHIFT code in the trailer, which unlocks Salvador’s Community Day skin in 2012’s Borderlands 2. Now that’s commitment.

Further, Morse code has been found directing eagle eyed fans to a peculiar phrase: “remember the sirens”… spooky!

Well have to wait until 7 PM tonight to learn more about the future of Borderlands, where all will be revealed in a Gearbox livestream.