UK games market hits £5.7 billion high


Consumers in the UK spent a record £5.7 billion on games in 2018.

As revealed by industry body Ukie, which collated data from a number of sources, the overall size of the videogames market grew by an impressive 10 per cent in 2018. Games-related software revenues passed £4 billion for the first time, and hardware revenues also set a new annual record of £1.57 billion. Digital and online revenues enjoyed a huge 20.3 per cent jump to £2.10 billion – again a record.

Boxed software revenues remained fairly steady, dropping 2.6 per cent to £770 million, but sales of pre-owned games collapsed by 30.8 per cent to £67.9 million – which Ukie attributed to: “The impact of the expanding digital free-to-play market.”

Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist OBE said: “2018 has been another record year for the UK games industry. Both software and hardware markets have seen steady growth; with the software sector’s digital, online and mobile sales all increased over the 12 months; and the hardware market seeing significant gains across PC game hardware, peripherals, and accessories. The UK games industry is a cornerstone of the country’s cultural landscape and continues to work hard to create new, innovative and exciting content that consumers want to experience, and that helps to drive the industry forward year-on-year.”

The figures show that, despite the doom-laden mood of the UK, the country is more committed to videogames than ever – games will always offer escape from real-world problems. For more information about the UK games industry, watch the Ukie website.