Tencent stealth-launches WeGame X store beyond China


Tencent has quietly launched its WeGame X store into global markets that extend beyond its original China-only base.

The giant Chinese games company made the move in an uncharacteristically low-key manner. Currently, WeGame X is available for global gamers to try out in early access, via this website. At the moment, it allows you to buy just 30 games, the majority of them Chinese-developed.

Speaking to Abacus, a Tencent spokesperson said: “WeGame X is a product WeGame is testing to serve its global users. We hope with the maturation of this product, we can bring more Chinese games overseas to cater to multiple gamer demographics.”

WeGame X’s low-key launch is not likely to strike fear into the likes of Valve’s Steam or Epic’s Game Store just yet – although Tencent already owns 40 per cent of Epic Games. Recently, as reported by GamesIndustry.biz, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney vehemently denied that Epic Games shares any data from the Epic Games Store with its shareholders.

Up to now, Tencent has mainly addressed markets outside of China by building up shareholdings in non-Chinese companies. The arrival of WeGame X in the West could herald a move by the company to take a more consumer-facing approach beyond its home market. For more information, keep an eye on Tencent’s website.