New World Interactive teases new Insurgency: Sandstorm maps, features


Developer New World Interactive has revealed that it is preparing to bring new features including maps, weapons and gameplay modes to Insurgency: Sandstorm.

In a lengthy community post, New World Interactive’s Jon Higgins said: “While the bulk of our efforts have been focused on optimisation and bug fixes, our artists and designers have also been hard at work on new maps, weapons, game modes and character cosmetics.”

Higgins teased a screenshot of a new map: “Our upcoming map: Compound – set in an abandoned construction site,” and showed two new weapons: “The M82 and M99 anti-materiel rifles.” Plus he revealed: “We have also been working on a few new features, including an improved server browser, XP gain for community servers with normal game rules, AI improvements, a custom map editor, matchmaking improvements, and a new Arcade mode. We’re also working on a new official game mode that is a “hardcore” version of Checkpoint. This mode introduces some unique mechanics and a different pace of gameplay geared towards our hardcore audience, and it’s been really fun already in playtesting.”

According to Higgins, the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Insurgency: Sandstorm are still on track to be released this year: “Although PC is our primary focus at this time, we are still targeting a PS4 and Xbox One version for 2019. Right now we can’t give a specific time frame or release window. However, we will give updates later in the year as we get further into console development.”

New World Interactive is running a post-release updates survey, which you can fill in here. To find out more about the popular tactical first-person shooter, keep an eye on New WORLD Interactive’s website.