Nepal bans PUBG over “children’s aggression”


Nepal has banned PUBG after claims the battle royale game was making children “aggressive in real life”.

As reported by the Kathmandu Post, “The Metropolitan Crime Division had filed a Public Interest Litigation at the Kathmandu District Court on Wednesday, seeking permission to ban PUBG. In its litigation, the division said that the game was having a negative effect on the behaviour and study of children and youths. The district court gave permission to ban PUBG the same day.”

The newspaper quoted Senior Superintendent of Police Dhiraj Pratap Singh: “We received a number of complaints from parents, schools and school associations regarding the effect of the game on children. We also held discussions with psychiatrists before requesting the Kathmandu District Court for permission to ban the game.”

Singh went on to say: “There have been many shocking incidents due to the game in other countries. We have decided to ban the game before anything unfortunate occurs in Nepal.” And according to the Kathmandu Post, “Arrests will be made in Nepal as well if anyone is found playing the game after the ban.”

The Nepali PUBG ban comes two months after the most comprehensive study of the effect of violent games, carried out by Oxford University, “Found no relationship between aggressive behaviour in teenagers and the amount of time spent playing violent video games.” Perhaps it should be pointed out to Nepali parents that young teens shouldn’t be playing PUBG anyway: the game is rated 16+ on PC, and the Xbox One version is rated 18. Banning the game seems to be drastic, bordering on the hysterical.