Persona 5 Switch Surprise


Occasionally (read as quite often) the rumour mill on the internet causes expectations to be incredibly wrong about an upcoming announcement. While this can sometimes lead to disappointment, it can also be quite funny. Well, we finally know what Persona 5 S is, and while it is a Switch game, it isn’t the Persona 5 people were expecting.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is a musou game in the same vein as Hyrule Warriors et al. It has you using your character and their persona to cut through huge hordes of enemies and unleashing bombastic special attacks as you do so. It is the same kind of semi-brainless power fantasy that makes the Dynasty Warrior games so much fun. Sometimes you just need to let off steam, the musou games are perfect for that.

Information about the game outside of this is incredibly limited. We have no firm release date, no idea when or if we will get it in the west, or even what characters you’ll be able to play as. In Hyrule Warriors each character had a variety of different weapons, not to mention the items that made it feel more like a typical Zelda game.

The bosses had a similar feeling too, with the bombs being needed against some and the bow and arrow against others. It made the game standout from the sea of easily cut-down faces in the world of the Warriors games. Hopefully, this means we could get the same kind of thing with the Persona 5 crew. While there aren’t many characters in the main cast, they could potentially all use different weapons or even Personas.

The game will be coming to the PS4 as well as the Switch at some point. The teaser trailer didn’t give much else away though and even the gameplay shown was incredibly short. It is just a matter of waiting until more information is given now. At least we all know what it is now and everyone can continue playing Persona 5 on PS4 again.