Rogue-like Smash Hit Risk of Rain 2 Receives Early Access Roadmap


Hopoo Games has revealed its roadmap for Risk of Rain 2, the early access rogue-like that dropped onto Steam in March completely out of nowhere.
A follow-up to the popular indie darling Risk of Rain, the sequel flips the switch and brings the game into the third dimension, making the game a side-scrolling shooter where hordes of aliens wear you (and your friends in co-op) down into a pulp.

Despite the lack of marketing and fanfare, the game quickly gained appeal due to its polished gameplay and a deal on the Steam store that allowed for players to buy the game and receive a separate copy for a friend.
This cocktail of good fortune meant that Risk of Rain 2 has been hovering around the top 10 most played games on Steam for a long time now, holding its own amidst the titans of multiplayer, which is a mean feat for a non-competitive game.

As fans get to grips with the content on display, many are looking to the future of the game as it develops through early access. Luckily, the developers have finally shed some light on what’s to come. In June, players will be treated to a new class, stage and boss, as well as a new set of items and equipment to play with.

This content drop will recur throughout the year, with similar updates coming in summer, fall, winter and eventually spring 2020, where the game will launch at 1.0 and leave early access.

Some of the extra content coming in between the usual drop of survivors and stages include updates to the Skills and Artifacts system (named 2.0) and a set of secret hidden realms for players to find.

All in all, it’s a blockbuster amount of content for fans to get excited about in the coming months and beyond. If you’re already an avid player, you can learn more by checking out the development blog on Steam.