Halo: Master Chief Collection PC Port Progress

Halo Master chief helmet

Via the Halo Waypoint blog343 Industries and Splash Damage have offered fans an update on their progress porting the Master Chief Collection To PC. 

Their philosophy is that “A straight port from console to PC just doesn’t cut it,” and their ambition is duly noted.

The Halo series is a deeply important franchise for legions of fans across the globe, so they’re taking careful steps to make sure it delivers the iconic experience to a modern audience.

According to 343, Halo Reach is in a playable state right now, and the developers note that it’s “looking fantastic” on PC and Xbox One.
The team also shared a couple of surprises found in the code itself, including a comment from one disgruntled developer stating “I better get a big pile of cash for this s***.”

The main focus for the team right now is making the FPS controls feel good on PC. At the moment they’re working on “fully remap able controls” and ensuring “minimal input delay.”

Overall, it sounds very promising. This is a separate team to those working on Halo Infinite, so clearly it’s a big focus for 343 to pull this port off. Hopefully we’ll hear more about how the games are shaping up (and potentially, a solid release date) for the Halo: Master Chief collection later in the year.