Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal

Lilith in Borderlands 3

Last night we finally got our first glimpse at gameplay from Borderlands 3, and by golly does it look impressive.

The third entry in the popular looter shooter series is back with a literal bang, as was showcased during an hour-long Twitch stream that gave us a good idea of what to expect from the game when it drops later this year.
You can watch the gameplay reveal event trailer here, which glazes over the best moments from the stream. If you’d prefer to tune in and catch the show in its entirety, it’s saved as a VOD on the Borderlands Twitch account, which you can access through this link.

As well as a look at the game’s crunchy gunplay and new platforming abilities (heroes can now slide and clamber over obstacles) Borderlands 3 adds a variety of new features to the game, including a suite of new vehicles. One that caught our eye was a giant wheel with turrets on the side, that looks a little bit like a Droideka from Star Wars.

Whilst the game looks fairly similar to its predecessor, it’s clear Gearbox has taken the time to smooth out all of the rough edges from Borderlands 2 and provide a better gameplay experience. The comedy of the franchise appears intact too, with some of the boss battles centring around tongue-in-cheek jokes about live streaming and hipster coffee shops.

Players will also have a hub environment to explore outside of main missions, which is a spaceship known as Sanctuary III capable of taking you and your squad to other planets on top of the usual Pandora. There are areas to display trophies from the beasts you slay and even your favourite weapons. Speaking of weapons, the variety is absolutely wild, as per usual.
Some of the guns showcased include a pull-string weapon that you have to rev, a gun that you must cool with a water pistol, and of course… guns with legs, that you can throw out to create mini mobile turrets.

Plenty of series favourite characters are back too, including Tannis, Ellie, Crazy Earl and Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands, who is now voiced by Ray Chase of Noctis fame.

All in all, it was a very exciting stream that gave us our first glimpse at how Borderlands 3 is going to play when it drops later this year. If you need a reminder, the game is currently set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this September 13th.