Bethesda details Rage 2 content roadmap post-launch

Rage 2 Content Raodmap

Bethesda has released details of the Rage 2 content roadmap following the open-world shooter’s May 14 launch.

It unveiled Rage 2’s post-launch content roadmap in the form of a tweeted graphic, which reveals both the free and paid-for content that will be added to the game in the coming months. Free content will include: “All World Events, Day 30 update, select weapon skins, cheat codes, Wasteland Challenges, and one-wheeler vehicle.” According to the calendar-style graphic, World Events will arrive in May, June July and August, with more to come in the autumn.

The Rage 2 content roadmap flags two items of paid DLC: an expansion entitled Rise of the Ghosts, due to arrive in August, and a second expansion, scheduled for an unspecified date this autumn. It also names the free World Events: May’s is entitled Bring the Ruckus, June’s will be a new ride called “Mech Yourself before you Wreck Yourself,” July’s will be called Global Worming and August’s will be Mutant Derby, with Rageicide 2: Attack of the Drones due to follow in the autumn.

Rage 2, set 30 years after the original 2011 game and developed by Avalanche Studios with assistance from the legendary Id Software, will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 14. A Deluxe Edition, whose RRP is £70, is available, which will include all the DLC. For more information about the much anticipated open-world shooter, visit its official website.