Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Feature Crossplay

Modern Warfare Crossplay

A new Call of Duty game is on the way and it is heading back to the series hallowed roots with Captain Price in tow. However, potentially the most exciting factor about October’s Modern Warfare is that the game will feature fully-fledged Fortnite-style crossplay, according to a Forbes report

Yes, you heard me right. Whether you’re on Xbox One, PS4 or PC you’ll be playing Modern Warfare together. It’s an interesting premise with a litany of potential issues, but it looks like Infinity Ward are starting out on the right foot.

That’s because they are supposedly taking a leaf out of the good book of Fortnite and grafting input matchmaking into Modern Warfare. This levels the playing field so that players with controllers only play against their button brethren, and mouse and keyboard evangelists will have their own military playground.

Of course, this is a response to the variety of consoles nowadays and the unnecessary barriers between them that are slowly being broken down. Realistically, once Call of Duty makes crossplay cool (if Fortnite didn’t already do most of the legwork) the rest will follow suit, as players will start to see it as a given if their other favorite game can manage it.

It’s good news for players who don’t own every console or have limited access to certain mediums – no longer will we see console wars sandpit warfare if Xbox One and PS4 players can join hands and party up together. It sounds like a somewhat logistical nightmare, but with rumors of Microsoft bringing Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch and other service and streaming based platforms growing in popularity, it makes a lot of sense to unify the platforms into one experience.

No longer will you have to buy two games to play with your different friend groups – we’ll be sure to let you know more as we receive more details about the Modern Warfare reboot and it’s crossplay abilities, in the coming months. The game is set to launch on October 25 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.