E3 2019: Ubisoft enters subscription arena with UPlay+

Uplay+ subscription service

At its E3 press conference, Ubisoft announced that it is preparing to launch its own PC-only subscription service, entitled UPlay+, which will grant gamers access to an ever-growing roster of Ubisoft PC games of the past and future.

Uplay+ will launch on September 3, 2019, priced at €14.99 per month (Ubisoft has yet to set a pounds sterling equivalent). It will also be available via Google’s Stadia streaming service. Ubisoft described UPlay+ thus: “Players will have unlimited access to download more than 100 games, including new releases, the latest released games, back catalogue, premium editions and additional content packs.”

Ubisoft confirmed that UPlay+ subscriptions will grant access to all DLC (whether free or paid) for the games in its catalogue, and was keen to point out that it will grant early access to new games: “Up to 3 days before launch,” as well as access to some beta programmes: “Including Tom Clancy’s Ghost Breakpoint Beta starting on 5th of September.”

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Ubisoft’s vice president of platform and product management Brenda Panagrossi revealed Ubisoft’s thinking behind UPlay+, saying: “We have always said that if our games are going to be in a subscription, it is going to be our own subscription. Ubisoft has the largest creative force in the games industry. We release AAA games on a regular basis, and we have a huge back catalogue of games. We have the teams, the worlds and the platforms in order to enrich players lives.”

UPlay+ enters an increasingly crowded market for games subscription services that includes offerings like Electronic Arts’ Origin Access, Microsoft’s Game Pass (which the company announced at E3 will be joined by Game Pass Ultimate) Sony’s PlayStation Now, Google’s Stadia and Apple’s Arcade.

Ubisoft points out that UPlay+’s catalogue will continue to grow as more legacy games are added alongside new releases, but the appeal of a single-publisher subscription service must almost by definition be limited – gamers with a particular affinity for the French publisher’s games will surely already own a significant chunk of its launch catalogue.

Ubisoft is keen to push an early sign-up for UPlay+, saying: “Players who sign up for Uplay+ between June 10th and August 15th will be able to access a free trial of Uplay+ from September 3rd to September 30th.” For more information about UPlay+, and to sign up for the service, visit its website.

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