Survey suggests Google Stadia will struggle over UK broadband

Google Stadia

A survey of 3,000 British gamers suggests Google Stadia may struggle to gain a significant foothold in the UK due to concerns over slow broadband speeds.

The survey, conducted by Broadband Genie in conjunction with Eurogamer, was designed to: “Try to get a sense of whether or not people’s broadband speed is, generally, good enough to run Stadia well.” And its results were pretty mixed.

As we reported, Stadia’s own website has set a recommended minimum broadband speed of 10Mbps (which will only allow it to run at 720p resolution). 20Mbps broadband will allow Stadia to scale up to full HD 1080p, and you will need a bandwidth of just over 30Mbps if you want the service to run at a resolution of 4K, comparable to consoles like the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Google says the above requirements allow 60fps frame-rates.

Among the findings from Broadband Genie’s survey of UK gamers, 29 per cent of respondents said they had broadband which was too slow to run Google Stadia in 4K, and 17 per cent did not have sufficient bandwidth to run Stadia at 1080p resolution. While 83 per cent of respondents expressed some interest in Stadia, 26 per cent of those thought their broadband was too slow for the subscription service, and 71 were: “Concerned performance and visual quality would be compromised.”

BT claims that “80 to 90 per cent” of UK households are able to access its high-speed fibre broadband, but if gamers will have to pay more each month for upgraded broadband, as well as the Google Stadia subscription, in order to achieve the same resolution gameplay that they can currently get from consoles, regardless of broadband speeds, it may render Stadia a tough sell in this country.

For more information on Google Stadia, visit its website.