Super Mario Maker 2 Players May Want To Consider Buying A Stylus

Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus

A number of previews have landed for Super Mario Maker 2, Nintendo’s next flagship game which launches next Friday.

Whilst most of them are positive, there is a consensus brewing that if you’re in this for the long haul, you may want to pick up a stylus.

This is because, in handheld mode, the game won’t let you use the joy con buttons – the player is solely limited to the touchscreen (as reported by Chris Kohler over at Kotaku)

It’s an odd system – a compromise for the switch between a dedicated screen on the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch, but it’s a worthy consideration if you’re planning on picking up the sequel next week. 

You can grab an official stylus if you preorder or seek out the best bit of kit on Amazon – they’re fairly easy to find and if you have a touchscreen phone that requires extra dexterity – perhaps you have one already!

Outside of the control changes, Super Mario Maker 2 is bringing with it a whole host of renovations to the original formula. There’s a new Super Mario 3D World course style, which offers up a number of unique assets like clear pipes, mushroom trampolines and blinking blocks – as well as appropriate new enemies like the Pom Poms and Skipsqueaks.

One of the other main selling points is the introduction of local and online co-op: you will be able to make courses with your friends and then trial them out in tandem. There’s also a fun campaign mode where you rebuild one of the most iconic landmarks in Mario lore – Princess Peach’s Castle – by traipsing through difficult platforming levels and picking up the all too iconic coins.

Watch out for Super Mario Maker 2 when it comes to Nintendo Switch on June 28th.