Cuphead Animated Series Is Coming To Netflix

Cuphead Animated show

2017’s Cuphead will live on in the gaming subconscious thanks to its inspired art direction and crushing difficulty, but also because the property is widening its net into animation!

Yes, Netflix has picked up ‘The Cuphead Show’ as part of its original series roster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is thanks to a collaboration between the streaming service giant and cartoon distributor King Features Syndicate.

The game received incredible critical acclaim when it launched two years ago, created by Canadian studio Studio MDHR, an independent developer that caught the attention of Microsoft shortly after the game started garnering attention in the years following its visual reveal in 2013.

The game has sold four million copies so far, with a recent release on Nintendo Switch supplementing its popularity in mid April. With Game Awards and BAFTA’s under its belt – it’s clearly a standout success of a property that could be extrapolated into something more.

The game’s creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer will act as executive producers for the show, as will Dave Wasson of the breakout success Mickey Mouse Shorts and Cosmo Segurson, who worked on the iconic 90’s cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. 

The talent behind this project is no joke – it’ll be interesting to see where they take an animated series within this world of mute characters and its distinctly old-school style. 

From the poster released alongside the announcement we can glean a few details – it looks like Cuphead is the star of the show, but the ‘also starring Mugman’ tag in the lower right and his nervous disposition is suggestive of that character playing second fiddle to the more confident-looking red devil. 

With most of the recent game-related TV news focusing on gritty live-action adaptations, it’s actually quite nice to see an animation show shine which has room to be silly and lean into its own stylistic influences. No release date to be seen as of yet, this is clearly just letting us all know that the show is in production, so stay tuned!