More Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion details revealed


A new Capcom developer diary video, in conjunction with a new trailer, has revealed a wealth of details concerning the forthcoming Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World.

Among the elements of Iceborne which Monster Hunter World’s developer team have put under the spotlight are a new gathering hub in the Seliana headquarters, the arrival of subspecies monsters in the game, the revelation that the monster Brachydios will feature, and gameplay tweaks including a new system of balancing if players drop out leaving just two people on a hunt.

Capcom said the following about Iceborne’s subspecies monsters: “Subspecies monsters join the roster in Iceborne, offering extreme, twisted variations that amp up the difficulty and require master-level hunting skills to defeat.” Among those monsters are: “The electrifying brute wyvern Fulgur Anjanath. [which] channels lightning instead of fire and the fanged wyvern Ebony Odogaron, [which] is more vicious than ever with a wider attack range and dragon elemental. In addition to these fearsome subspecies, the fiery Glavenus wields its sword-like tail to wipe out hunters with its trademark sweep attack.”

It added: “As part of the cosy new Seliana home base in Hoarfrost Reach, a streamlined Gathering Hub offers a warm welcome for hunting parties with more centralized facilities and features. Built around an interactive hot spring, hunters and Palicoes can conveniently manage all the pre-hunt necessities in close proximity such as the Smithy to craft gear, resource centre to manage bounties or botanical research to harvest items. “My Room” is also accessible and features new personalization options such as furniture, décor, and colours, with a post-launch update planned to allow other players to visit each other’s spaces.”

The company also spoke about some gameplay tweaks which Iceborne will initiate: “Further gameplay options offer additional flexibility for multiplayer hunting parties. A series-first scaling balanced difficulty which will adapt for a two-player team if others have dropped out or if a duo sets out to tackle a quest with their Palicoes in tow. The furry sidekicks will also get upgraded gadgets and new options such as the Shieldspire Stooge, a mobile decoy that draws a monster’s attention away from the player, the Meowcano, a giant jar that shoots out fireballs at enemies, and an enhanced Vigorwasp that can revive players immediately back into battle if they faint. New Squad Cards featuring info on the respective team can be sent to invite others to join the group, similar to how Guild Cards for each hunter can be traded individually. Sub-leaders have been added for Squad teams and can share duties on recruiting and accepting team requests.”

Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion is due to arrive on 6 September 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on an as-yet unspecified date this winter for Steam. For more news and information, visit the expansion’s dedicated website.