Dragon Age 4 appears to be set in Tevinter

Dragon Age 4

Fan theories that Dragon Age 4 may be set in the Tevinter Imperium might have just been confirmed, due to an upcoming short story collection that focuses on the country.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights is an upcoming short story collection authored by several BioWare writers which tells a series of stories intertwined with the Tevinter Imperium. As we wait for more Dragon Age 4 news, this announcement of increased focus on the Imperium appears to confirm that the next game will be set there.

Each game in the Dragon Age series has focused on a different area of Thedas, the first was set in Ferelden, Dragon Age 2 saw the player become the hero of the city Kirkwall, whilst the third game concerned itself with the Orlesian Empire. With Dragon Age: Inquisition ramping up the conflict between mages and Templars, the Tevinter Imperium is a logical place for the fourth game to be set.

The short story collection is edited by Patrick Weekes, who also serves as the Dragon Age lead writer. Weekes has also written Dragon Age companion novels in the past and the release of tie-in novels teasing games and settings has been a long tradition with BioWare.

We do not as yet have more details about either Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights or Dragon Age 4, but this does appear to be the first step in laying the groundwork for the setting of the next game. 

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights will be available on Amazon and other book shops from March the 10th, 2020. Dragon Age 4 remains un-detailed at this time, but we’ll be keeping our weapons sharp as we wait for more information. We’ll have all the Dragon Age scoops, news, and more right here on the Green Man Gaming Newsroom.