Ninja writing book on how to be an ‘unstoppable gaming machine’

Ninja Writing a book

Ninja, real name Tyler Blevins, is writing a book that sets out to advise the reader on how to become an ‘unstoppable gaming machine’.

Planned for an August release date, ‘Ninja: Get Good’ promises to be an ultimate guide to gaming. Here’s what you’ll find inside its hallowed pages:

How to:

  • Build a Gaming PC
  • Practice with purpose
  • Develop strategy
  • Improve your game sense
  • Pull together the right team
  • Stream with skill
  • Form a community online
  • And much more

The book will look at all the things Ninja wished he knew about gaming before he started streaming, but presumably ‘be friends with Drake’ isn’t one of them. Ninja is, of course, most known for his Fortnite streams and hopefully up and coming Fortnite millionaires might be able to eke out some valuable tips from the book too.

“As a team, we’ve been pursuing Ninja for some time and we are thrilled that in Get Good he has produced a hugely entertaining but incredibly practical book about the art and science of gaming,” said Emma Smith, editorial director at publisher Ebury. “It is going to give players across the world exactly what they want—the inside track on how to be the next Ninja.”

Ninja: Get Good comes alongside other book projects from Ninja, such as a Ninja notebook – available August, and a graphic novel featuring the streamer which is set for a December release. The graphic novel will see the streamer take a step into the realm of fiction for the first time, teaming up with comics writer Justin Jordan and comics artist Felipe Magaña.

If you’re interested in diving into Ninja’s gaming brain, you can check out Ninja: Get Good right here on the Penguin Random House website. For all your other gaming news highlights and announcements, keep your eyes on the Green Man Gaming Newsroom.