Riot Games announce ‘significant progress’ a year after sexism report

Riot Games

A year after Kotaku’s in-depth report detailed a ‘Culture of Sexism’ at Riot Games, chief diversity officer Angela Roseboro has published a post on Riot’s website outlining their progress on this issue so far.

“We have made some significant strides over the past year. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the work and dedication of all of our teams.” Roseboro said in the post. ”Progress on D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) is about driving meaningful change, not “checking boxes.” The passion and commitment from Rioters over the past year has been phenomenal. All the work that’s been done has been impressive and will serve as a strong foundation for us to continue to build on.” 

In addition to this, Roseboro went on to list several tangible improvements that have been made at Riot Games to improve the culture at the studio. These include hiring of experts in the field, expanding the leadership team, building external partnerships to encourage a more diverse and inclusive hiring process, and incorporating diversity and inclusion into their processes and systems.

The intervening year since the report was released has been tumultuous for the developer and publishers of League of Legends. Riot employees started legal action after the initial story broke, Riot’s COO was suspended following a misconduct investigation, the state of California filed an investigation, and current Riot staff have walked out, protesting the company’s handling of sexual harrassment and discrimination

Roseboro does admit that there is serious work yet to be done, their statement closes with the assurance that “change is never easy and this journey will not be perfect. We will keep listening, we will keep moving forward, and we will keep striving to be a company that current and future Rioters can be proud of. Every day we will make a deliberate choice to be better than the day before.”