Blizzard helps old WoW players find each other for World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic will be releasing soon – the 27th of August to be precise – and Blizzard knows you’ve not been playing WoW for quite a while.

If you’re planning on playing World of Warcraft Classic – the vanilla World of Warcraft experience launching later this month – you might want some friends to play with. Maybe you remember an old guild you were a part of, or someone you always bumped into at the Auction House, or even just a deadly foe you met in Arathi Basin who earned your respect.

Blizzard is doing their part to help you reconnect with people you used to play World of Warcraft with, in particular between 2004-2006. The Classic Connections system on their forum is where you can post:

  • Your character’s name, race and class.
  • The name of your original guild on this realm.
  • The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

You can do this for EU realms or US realms as appropriate.

The point of World of Warcraft Classic, of course, isn’t just that the game is being taken back in time to 2004, it’s about the players who played back then. World of Warcraft is an MMO, and recapturing that pre-raid finder, pre-dungeon finder, pre-guild finder era will be essential in delivering that vanilla WoW experience. 

The World of Warcraft community has, so far, hit up these threads with abandon, leading to many posting small anecdotes of adventures long past or challenges defeated. Even if you didn’t play World of Warcraft back in 2004-2006, or you don’t intend to play World of Warcraft Classic, it’s still worth checking the threads linked above as they’re a cornucopia of stories that make it clear what this game meant to people, and why Blizzard is spending so much time remaking it.