Cyberpunk 2077: first-person cut-scenes, weapon types detailed

Cyberpunk 2077 weapons

CD Projekt Red has continued its drip-feed of Cyberpunk 2077 information, revealing that the vast majority of the RPG’s cut-scenes will take place from a first-person perspective, and discussing the three main types of weapons in the game.

The latest appetite-whetting revelations regarding the hotly anticipated sci-fi action-RPG emerged from a “deep dive” 15-minute gameplay stream based on the E3 2019 demo. In it, quest designer Pawel Sasako described Cyberpunk 2077’s weaponry: “Our guns are divided into three main categories. There are smart guns, [which] basically shoot homing bullets that follow targets. There are also tech weapons, which have additional capabilities — for instance, they could pierce cover. Then there are power weapons, mainly focused on being street-grade weapons. They have additional skills and capabilities connected to the fact that have been modded in some way. For instance, there is a bursting shotgun.”

Sasako added further details of what promises to be a compelling roster of weaponry in the game: “For instance, there’s a handgun that, as you use it, it actually speeds up the bullets and the longer you use it, the faster the bullets become, so they can do more damage. There’s a class of handguns that have been created by a Russian company to fight cyborgs, and that weapon is able to heat up the bullet to the point where it almost becomes like melted plastic. It’s done so you can shoot off a cyborg’s arms, for example. There’s always a small piece of story wrapped up around the weapon and what it does.”

Meanwhile, a CD Projekt Red interview with German website NightCityLife revealing that the vast majority of Cyberpunk 2077’s cut-scenes will take place in a first, rather than third-person perspective fuelled a discussion about the subject on the game’s official forums.

Subsequently, CD Projekt Red’s Global Community Lead Marcin Momot took to Twitter to say: “Achieving full immersion in an FPP game is extremely important and the decision made by the team to go 100% first person in

@CyberpunkGame is something that will benefit it greatly from gameplay and story-telling perspectives.” Before adding: “That said, players will still be able to see their characters in the inventory screen, during driving sequences, in mirrors and, very occasionally, in some of the cut-scenes.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled for a 16 April 2020 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To keep up with the latest news about it, keep an eye on its website.