Civilization VI now has a Battle Royale mode

Civilisation VI

Civilization VI has received its free September update, and as part of that it now has a multiplayer Battle Royale mode.

Titled Red Death, this Battle Royale mode is a tightly focused post-apocalyptic race to victory. Taking place after the bombs have fallen, cities are in ruins, the land is barren, the seas are toxic, and a radioactive storm named the Red Death is ever encroaching upon you.

Supporting between two and twelve players, each choose a distinct faction such as Mad Scientists, Cultists, or Doomsday Preppers, and then the race is on to be the last to survive. With no building present in this mode, each player is tasked with defending a civilian unit, the last to keep theirs alive is the winner. Upgrades and new units are found by looting fallen cities, destroying Raider Camps, or being lucky enough to find a supply drop. As players move around the map, the titular Red Death advances, forever making the player area smaller.

The map isn’t just made up of players, however, AI-controlled Raiders and other units roam the wastes, waiting to take you on and destroy your attempt to make it off planet and restart your civilisation out amongst the stars.

Red Death mode comes as part of the free September update for Civilization VI which has just launched, which includes a whole host of game updates, polish changes, and re-balancing. You can check out the full patch notes over on Firaxis’ website, here
It’s safe to say Firaxis and 2K have been hard at work updating and improving upon this latest iteration in the Civilization series, with monthly updates, DLC, and expansions under its wing so far. We’ll be keeping our eyes trained on the hex-based 4X game to see what the developers have in store for us next.