Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance gets gameplay trailer

Project Resistance

As promised earlier in the week, Capcom have shown off a little more of Project Resistance and have nailed down what exactly the Resident Evil multiplayer spin-off entails. When we last spoke about Project Resistance we didn’t have firm information about what the “team-based survival horror” compromised, but now thanks to the trailer below we’ve much more to chew on.

Project Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four players try to escape from a secret facility located just outside the famous Racoon City (which you may remember from Resident Evil 2, remade earlier this year).

Each player takes on the mantle of a different character, each with their own unique abilities. From the trailer we can see that Valerie is a healer and acts as the team’s support, January is a hacker who can deal with the facility’s security cameras, Samuel is a melee damage specialist, and Tyrone is the team’s tank.

Another player is also thrown into the mix, playing as the “Mastermind”. They take control over the facility itself, laying traps and enemies in the team’s way, and even directly controlling zombies to try and take a bite out of the team.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, as Capcom have a recent history of hitting it out of the park with Resident Evil games. That said, asymmetric multiplayer games have had a hard time finding an audience, with many such as Evolve falling by the wayside

Project Resistance is confirmed for a closed beta running between the 4th and 7th of October, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles being included in the test. You can head over to the Project Resistance website to learn more about how to sign up and how to make sure you’re eligible for the test.