The Offspring to play gig in World of Tanks

The Offspring play World of Tanks gig

It seems that the way we experience live music is slowly changing. Never mind the change from record to cassette to CD, now musicians can sometimes perform in video games for the simultaneous auditory pleasure of thousands around the globe.

We’ve had Korn perform in AdventureQuest 3D and Marshmello exploded some concurrency records earlier this year in Fortnite.

Now? It’s the turn of veteran punk rockers The Offspring, who’ll be playing on a virtual stage from September the 18th in World of Tanks.

This, however, may not seem as random and bizarre as it first appears. The Offspring already have a history with, having performed earlier this weekend at Wargaming Fest: Tanker Day in Minsk, Belarus.

That said we don’t yet know how this will be pulled off. The announcement tweet mentions a virtual stage, but one can assume players won’t be blasting pieces off each others’ tanks Live Oaks to the sound of Dexter Holland yelling about someone being Pretty Fly for a White Guy. Will create a specific map for players to load in order to listen? 

And what will The Offspring see? Will they look out past virtual avatars at a sea of tanks all vibrating softly to their tunes? Will the concussive beats of tank rounds be the backing percussion for their repertoire?

Either way, the future is shaping up to be pretty weird. But that’s no bad thing, as The Offspring said “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”. And we’ve come a very, very long way indeed.

The Offspring will be playing in World of Tanks from the 18th of September, 2019, and you can check the game out for free right now. Check out the Green Man Gaming Free to play site for more details and guides for World of Tanks