New Destiny 2 video shows off more Shadowkeep details

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

It’s been a big year for Destiny 2, and it looks like the next year will be equally as world-shattering. Over the last year, we’ve seen Bungie split from Activision to self-publish their semi-MMO loot-shooter, the game was given away for free for a little while, and just about a year ago Destiny 2: Forsaken came out, revolutionising the game and improving almost everything.

Now, Bungie has released a little video documentary that goes into a little bit of what we’ll be seeing this year, focusing on what we’ll be getting in year three’s first season.

The next huge expansion and update for Destiny 2, Shadowkeep, is just around the corner. The video from Bungie goes into some detail about what players will experience as part of that expansion, in particular, the new story that’ll form the core of Shadowkeep.

The story will focus around returning character Eris Morn, who makes a discovery on the moon (yes, that same moon that the wizard came from) which will have huge consequences for the world of Destiny 2. The season, titled Season of the Undying, will run parallel to Shadowkeep and explore and twist the story as the game proceeds to season nine.

It appears that the moon will be the focus of this expansion, at least at the start, with the new dungeon confirmed to take place there. The video also showed off some more details about the rune table, a system that will give players more control over their loot drops.

Overall it looks like season eight and the Shadowkeep expansion will involve big changes for Destiny 2, and with the base game going free to play as part of New Light, it might be the perfect time to jump aboard Destiny 2 and head to the stars.