Green Man Gaming pledges to help the UN fight climate change


Green Man Gaming has announced today that they will stand with the United Nations and join an alliance of games industry companies to prevent further damage caused by climate change.

As part of the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 a major new restorative initiative has been announced, with an aim of combatting the undeniable effects of climate change that continue to damage our planet. 

Gaming companies have in response formed an alliance to work towards these goals by making individual pledges to help alert and inspire the video games industry to be aware of the issues and work towards a more sustainable future. These include examining and working on the gaming industry’s carbon footprint, driving carbon neutral and energy-efficient projects, and managing restoration projects.

Green Man Gaming has today announced its pledge to stand with the United Nations and other gaming companies to work on this initiative and work towards a brighter future for our global environment. Starting in the first quarter of 2020, Green Man Gaming will lead a restorative program by planting trees to offset carbon emissions starting in the UK and rolling out to other territories throughout 2021.

Funds will be raised via the Green Man Gaming digital store, with selected sales of gaming products helping to raise funds to plant an estimated 200 acres of new trees in year one.

Speaking of the pledge, Green Man Gaming CEO and founder Paul Sulyok said: “Green Man Gaming has a direct and pretty personal relationship with hundreds of millions of gamers globally. Many of us really care about what we are doing to the planet. We know we’ve all got to face up and fess up, and take more positive action. We’ve always beaten the drum for digital downloads and plastic-free gaming – and we’re now trying to up our game to do the best we can to support the planet. These may be small acorns, but if we all rally round, it will make a much-needed impact.”