Skybolt Zack & Pride Run Nominated for TIGA awards

TIGA Awards Finalists

Two games published via Green Man Gaming Publishing have been nominated for this years’ TIGA awards, to be held on November the 7th at the Natural History Museum in London.

The Independent Games Association is a UK organisation that supports and works with game developers and publishers in the UK and across Europe. Their yearly TIGA awards are an annual celebration of video games, with around thirty categories available for games such as Best Social Game, a Creativity Award, and more.

The shortlist for this year’s awards has been announced, and we are proud to announce that two of Green Man Gaming Publishing’s games have been nominated for awards.

The first, up for the Diversity Award, is Pride Run developed by IV Productions. Pride Run is a rhythm game that aims to recreate the unique vibe and atmosphere of the colourful and joyous LGBTQ+ Pride parades. In addition, sales of the game support the Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK based charity aiming to support the rights of LGBTQ+ people around the world.

The second game up for an award this year from Green Man Gaming Publishing is Skybolt Zack, developed by the team at Devs Must Die. Skybolt Zack is a fast-paced combination of rhythm action and platforming where players must guide protagonist Zack through levels filled with pitfalls, enemies, and pumping tunes.

GMG Publishing’s Managing Director David Clark congratulated the developers of both games by saying: ” A huge congratulations for both IV Productions (Pride Run) and Devs Must Die (Skybolt Zack). Both games are a testimony to the hard work and talent of the developers and in their own unique way, they have achieved this recognition despite the odds. Creating an LGBTQ game comes with its own set of challenges and risks which have not been easy to overcome. Despite this IV Productions have persevered and the result is Pride Run. By comparison, the Devs Must Die team are straight out of university and their first game is an award-nominated game – not bad!”

In addition to these two award nominations, both Skybolt Zack and Pride Run are listed in the Game of the Year category, which is currently open to public vote right here.