Hitman 2: Latest DLC takes Agent 47 to the Maldives

Hitman 2 DLC

Publisher Warner Bros and developer Io Interactive have announced a new item of downloadable content for Hitman 2 which adds the Maldives to the popular stealth game’s roster of exotic locations.

The new mission, entitled Haven Island, is available for free to all those who own an Expansion Pass for Hitman 2 (which is included in the Gold Edition of the game or else will cost £32.99). Io Interactive described it thus: “The mission briefing video presents key information on the new location in order to strategise against three different targets – Ljudmila Vetrova, a former confidence artist and the public face of Haven Island; Tyson Williams, the founder and CEO of the island; and Steven Bradley, a technical wizard and the brains behind Haven Island’s proprietary software platform. While undercover, Agent 47 must travel to the Haven Island resort and assume the role of a guest in an effort to locate and eliminate all three targets.”

As the trailer shows, Haven Island is a top-end private resort (complete with Michelin-starred restaurant) in the Maldives owned by the shadowy company Haven, which derives most of its income from providing rich clients of questionable means with new identities and appearances. Because the three owners have taken to updating the security of Haven’s servers every ten hours, Agent 47 must assassinate them so that his handler Olivia can extract information from them.

Haven takes the number of meticulously constructed sandbox locations in Hitman 2 to seven. For more information, visit its website.